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Matthew William Langford is a composer, trumpet player, and interdisciplinary sound artist living in Colorado.


Langford has composed for New York City's Brass Project and members of the Ossia New Music Ensemble and Carnegie Hall’s Ensemble Connect, among others. Langford's recent work, (no) rest for the weary, was premiered in 2019 by members of the Colorado Symphony Orchestra and other Colorado based professionals. He composed this piece in collaboration with visual artist Jeremy Grant - in 2019 this collaborative work featured in multiple film festivals and live events including the Denver Film Festival, the Supernova Digital Animation Festival, and in 2020 as Remnants \\ X // Afrofuturism in collaboration with graphic novelist R. Alan Brooks for Supernova's World on Fire Festival. 

Drawn to the nuance and complexities he sees in nature and in people, Langford's compositional approach often blends elements of both impressionism and expressionism to create worlds of sound and meaning that relate deeply with a human subconscious experience of the world. He is interested in the embodied nature of things; of creature, substance, and place, the mysteries of phenomena not always seen, but always there, the obscuring of time and space and everything in between. His techniques allow for intuitive and spontaneous discovery within conceptual design framework related to the essence of what is being explored. Some of his current explorations involve transitional space, nonlinear forms, and an unusual attention to how sound fills its environment. 


As a trumpet player, Langford has performed alongside artists at the Brevard Music Center Orchestral Studies Institute, the London Symphony Orchestra Youth Institutes, and as a member of the world-renowned Eastman Wind Ensemble. In addition to his experience playing in orchestras and chamber ensembles, he is comfortable with free-improvisation, experimental music spaces, and has also performed and recorded with talented song-writers in the US and abroad in a wide variety of styles. 

Langford holds a Master of Music degree and an Arts Leadership Certificate from the Eastman School of Music. 

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